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University Life in China

In recent years, the number of international students studying in China has increased incredibly. These students come from various countries, including the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and, more recently, Russia and other Commonwealth countries. China is one of the world’s largest educational hubs, and its universities are among the world’s top academic institutions.


In China, Students will find the world’s largest and most advanced education system. The Chinese education system is a hybrid of Western and ancient Chinese traditions. These universities are well known for their high-quality education and infrastructure. 

Teachers are so much helpful in China. Students are always connected with their teachers online. They make study groups on Wechat so teachers can share study materials and help them after the classes also. Normally, students have to attend their class five days a week.

Alongside academic studies, there are many other things to enhance knowledge. Teachers also allow students to collaborate with them as their research assistants to gain more knowledge.  

Some universities focus on improving students’ abilities. Many clubs are available at Chinese universities to develop skills, such as business, robotics, language, and many more. Here, a student can meet and know people from different departments.


Universities in China are rich in their campus environment. A majority of Chinese universities have a vast campus that is beautiful with stunning scenery. The campuses are clean and tidy. Students will also find the accommodation system inside the campus.

While it is important to have a place to stay on-campus, many universities offer off-campus housing. It is great for students who want independence while attending school and graduate students who want more space and freedom while living off-campus. 

As living style in China is not so expensive, staying outside the campus is not costly. Moreover, if students get a scholarship, it will cover their hostel cost as well as their study cost.


There is a variety of foods in the canteen of the university campus. Students will find tasty and healthy food to eat here. Chinese people are so much conscious of their food habits. Normally, most people love to eat noodles and rice with curry in China.

It is also possible to try restaurant foods or street foods outside the campus, which are delicious. In addition, Chinese universities give opportunity for their international students to cook by themselves. There are kitchens in the international dormitory. In China, food cost is cheaper than in other modern countries. 

Sports and Events

There are many sports for participating in Chinese universities. Each semester, students have to participate in different sports since Chinese people are concerned about their health. There are soccer fields, courts for basketball, long tennis, and many more inside every campus.

Students will also find the gymnasium where they can play some indoor games such as table tennis and badminton. If students are interested in sports, joining a sports club is important. It will give them access to all the latest equipment and training tips. 

University authorities also organize some events like singing and dancing competitions. They encourage all the students to participate here. This kind of cultural activity helps international students to learn more about Chinese culture.

Part-time Jobs

In China, besides studying, a student can do part-time jobs. A part-time job is a great way to earn extra money while studying. Students can work around their class schedule, and it is a great way to develop their skills, especially it is an opportunity to explore different careers on the side.

Previously, it was not allowed for international students to have a job. However, recently, the Ministry of Education in China has granted part-time job options for international students. 


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