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MalishaEdu provides complete application process for admission solutions.

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MalishaEdu provides 100% successful admission success with a scholarship.

Admission Docs

MalishaEdu provides admission notice & jw202 on time to study in China.

Airport Pickup

MalishaEdu also provides airport pickup service to the students after coming to China.

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For Bachelor, Master's & PhD!!

MalishaEdu will change the way of your life. We are the authorized agent of most of the top-ranked university in China. We will help you to build your dreams to study in these universities.

We are available 24/7 to serve you the opportunities.

World Ranking Under

We have 50+ universities scholarship & most of the universities world ranking are under 1000. So you have an opportunity to study in world-class universities with scholarships and very good accommodations.


Studying & staying in China is more affordable than any other country. A student from a middle-class family can easily accept his expenses.

Employment Advantage

A student can do legal part-time jobs after getting permission from the university. Lots of opportunities are there after completing their university courses.

Travel and exploration

A student can travel all over the world who has Chinese resident permit as a student. It's a great opportunity for those who love to travel.

The Beauty Of
Changsha City In China

Where Changsha University Of Science & Technology Located....

MalishaEdu’s Advantages

MailshaEdu has proven to be very successful in matching students to the University that is tailored to each and every student’s passion, ambition, and academic progress. With extensive links with several University all over in China, We can guarantee that we can empower You to make your dreams come true with the right University choice.

Engineering & Business related majors

We are offering full scholarship & partial scholarship services for all types of engineering & business related majors for the students.

Tourism & MBBS

We are offering full scholarship & partial scholarship services for tourism & hotel management and self-funded MBBS program.

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We care for our students

We care for the students who wants to apply to study in china. We help them in every steps from admission to support in the university. If they faces any kind of problem, we are here for their help.

Live Chat Support 24/7

MalishaEdu works seamlessly 24/7 & gives support to the students all over the world. We care about our students

E-mail Support

We help students through e-mail with instant replies.

We Are Everywhere

We believe to provide proper support which is important in the globalized world. We are working for students for more than 150 countries.

  • We have students all over the world
  • Delivering support all over the world


What kind of organization is MalishaEdu and what services are provided

MalishaEdu is now the world’s one of the largest agency in China for recruiting international students in China and provides one-stop services including consultation, application, follow-up, fee payment, and registration, has partnerships with more than 95% Chinese universities; we also offer language service, including interpretation and translation.

I want to study in China, but I don’t know much about Chinese universities. How should I choose a university?

You may visit for further information.
If you have any special requirement about a city or a district, we can recommend a local school to you.

How many universities recruit international students?

Most Chinese universities do.

I want to study in China. How should I apply for a visa?

For a learning period of more than half a year, you should apply for X1 Visa by your Letter of Admission and JW202.
For a learning period of less than half a year, you should apply for X2 Visa by your Letter of Admission.
For a learning period of less than 2 months, you should apply for a tourist visa, namely, the L visa.

What is JW202?

JW202 refers to Visa Application for Study in China for self-supporting international students in China, which must be issued by universities. It’s an important document for international students to apply for visa, enter China, register with universities and get residence permit.

How are courses in Chinese universities classified?

Courses in Chinese universities mainly lie in the arts, the science, engineering, medicine, business administration and art; there’re also non-degree courses, such as Chinese, tea culture, cookery, kung fu, traditional Chinese opera and acrobatics.

Do universities offer accommodation?

The vast majority of Chinese universities do.

Are accommodations out of campus allowed?

Yes if the university allows. Please confirm with us before you apply for a certain university.

I want to study in China and I want to apply for a scholarship. How should I do that?

There’re many types of scholarships: Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Scholarship, local government scholarship, school scholarship etc, offering full or partial scholarship opportunities. You may visit Scholarships

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