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Most Chinese universities prepare dormitories for international students on campus. However, with the increasing number of international students studying in China, some schools are also facing a shortage of dormitories. At the same time, many international students who have lived in China for some time prefer to rent separate units around the school.


When recruiting international students, each school will ask if they want to live in a school dormitory. There is no doubt that for international students newly coming to China, living on campus is the most convenient and safest choice. Dormitory conditions vary from school to school, with single rooms, double rooms, and multiple rooms (3-4 people), and accommodation costs vary depending on the room conditions and the city where the school is located. For more information on school dormitories, please contact the international student office or the international affairs office of Chinese institutions of higher learning.

Rent an apartment

There are usually many apartments around the colleges and universities, international students can choose to rent alone or to live with friends and classmates. International students may contract with the landlord, or through an intermediary when renting an apartment. However, no matter what method, international students need to carefully read the rental contract and seriously implement the contract. They are also asked to go to the school and local police stations for the record.

Some of the real estate rental websites or APPs in China:




Short-term accommodation/hotels/youth hostels

For international students who newly arrive in China or who have not arranged accommodation in advance, short-term rentals and hotels may be also a good choice. One could surf some of the internationally popular short-term rental or homestay APPs. There are also some local Chinese websites or APPs to provide a large number of homestays, youth hostels, and hotel information. Those who prefer chain hotels, can also log on to the official website of the hotels to make a reservation.

Some of the short-term accommodation, homestay, hotel websites/APPs in China:







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