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Northwestern Polytechnical University

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you curious about Northwestern Polytechnical University and all it has to offer? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions below to provide you with valuable insights. However, if you have any more specific queries or need additional information, feel free to reach out to us directly. We’re eager to assist you in your pursuit of knowledge at Northwestern Polytechnical University!

Accommodation Facilities

Northwestern Polytechnical University provides foreign students with three kinds of in-campus comfortable and quiet hostel: a single room with single bed, air conditioner, bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, TV set, washing machine; double room A with dining room, single bed, air conditioner, bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, TV set, washing machine; double room B with dining room, single bed, air conditioner, bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, TV set, washing machine.

International Students

The International College was founded in the October of 2007; Northwestern Polytechnical University became one host university of Chinese Government Scholarship acknowledged by the China Scholarship Council of the Ministry of Education. Since then, the university has continuously received international students of different majors all over the world. The scale of the international student enrollment has increased at a fast pace in the ensuing years. Till now, 1033 international students have pursued their studies in Northwestern Polytechnical University, among whom 711 were long-term students and 322 short-term students. The International College offers various programs in English and Chinese medium to meet the requirements of different applicants and disciplines. There are 16 schools of Northwestern Polytechnical University which offer bachelor, master and Ph.D. programs to international students. There are nine bachelor majors taught in English, they are Aeronautical Engineering, Astronautics Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics &Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Business Administration, Computer Science &Technology. And 13 schools open 21 English medium MS Programs and 59 Ph.D. Programs. The university selected experienced professors and supervisor proficient in English to guide and work with international students, among whom 100% have got Dr. Degree and 90% are professors. With the development of international education, Northwestern Polytechnical University will continually improve the teaching and administration mechanism, speed up the construction of basic facilities and infrastructures, which can make every international student, feel the warmth and harmony and bear in mind the affection for Northwestern Polytechnical University.

Canteen Facilities

There are several canteens in Northwestern Polytechnical University, each canteen has its special and delicious food. Those canteens are highly praised for the delicious nutritious and cheap food with affordable price by students. Canteens of Northwestern Polytechnical University are equipped with TV sets and provide various flavors of cuisines and snacks, including rice and cooked wheaten food, so international students can enjoy a wide range of appetizing and delicious food. International students may apply for a Food Card at the service counter of with their passports. Then students can deposit the money into the card for food. Cash is also acceptable at some canteens. Besides, International students can also have meals at restaurants off campus.

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