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China University of Mining & Technology

Nurturing Brilliance, Fostering Excellence: China University of Mining & Technology, Where Knowledge Blossoms!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you curious about China University of Mining & Technology and all it has to offer? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions below to provide you with valuable insights. However, if you have any more specific queries or need additional information, feel free to reach out to us directly. We’re eager to assist you in your pursuit of knowledge at China University of Mining & Technology!

Accommodation Facilities

(1) Accommodations Around Nanhu Campus

Ø 凯莱酒店Gloria Hotel

Address: No. 1, Nanhu Village, Quanshan District, Xuzhou

Contact: (0516)83378855

Distance: 2.0 km

Price: >RMB 596

Ø 木棉湾酒店Hotel Kapok Bay

Address: No. 219, Daxue Road, Xuzhou

Contact: (0516)83000200

Distance: 1.1km

Price: >RMB 145

Ø 宝信君澜度假酒店Nardar Hotel

Address: No. 8, Huashan Road, Tongshan District, Xuzhou

Contact: (0516)66999999

Distance: 3.7km

Price: >RMB430 

(2) Accommodations Around Wenchang Campus

Ø 汉中福禧国际大酒店Hanzhong Fuxi International Hotel

Address: Building 5, Nandu, Quanshan District, Xuzhou


Distance: 270 m

Price: >RMB242

Ø 中汇国际会议中心Zhonghui International Conference Center

Address: Jinshan E Road, Quanshan District, Xuzhou

Contact: (0516)87785900

Distance: 150 m

Price: >RMB249

International Students

China University of Mining and Technology is located in Xuzhou, which is located in the northwest of Jiangsu Province. Xuzhou is the largest city of northern Jiangsu as well as the most ancient city of the province. As the joining point of Jiangsu, Henan and Shandong provinces, the city boasts of its most important geographic location that makes it the place all the states of ancient China scrambled for. Thousands of years’ history has blessed the city with profound culture, especially when it was the second political center of the Han Dynasty (260BC-220). Now, the city is the center of the Huaihai economic development zone and also one of the nation’s most important agricultural product bases.

Canteen Facilities

There are 3 canteens on campus. The canteens serve all three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. During CUMT’s summer vacation (Mid-July to Mid-September), some of the canteens are not in operation.

Dining Halls &Café

Open Hours


A Bar café


  • Location:Opposite B04
  • Food:Hot Meals/ Breads / cakes /
  • cookies /coffee / ice-cream
  • Open hour: 7:30-22:30


C Bar Cafe


  • Location: Near library
  • Food:Hot meals/ Breads / cakes /
  • cookies /coffee / ice-cream
  • Open hour: 7:30-22:30

1st Dining Hall


   Breakfast     7:00~ 8:30

Lunch       11:00~13:00

Supper      16:30~19:00


Note: In 3rd dining hall, no Muslim foods are available.


1st Dining Hall – Muslim Halal Food

2nd Dining Hall

2nd Dining Hall – Muslim Halal Food

3rd Dining Hall

Stil have any questions?