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Bilateral Cooperation

Best Education Consultant For China

MalishaEdu provides services for student exchange programs between Chinese and foreign Universities. Through this program, foreign students come to Chinese Universities and Chinese students go to host Universities. We work as a bridge between these Universities and ensure all kinds of logistic support on time. There are short and long-term exchange programs. Through the long-term exchange program, students can get dual graduation degrees at the same time.

Training Program: For a better understanding of contemporary modern China, the “One Belt One Road Training Program” and other professional training programs are offered. The training program is offered to 10-15 member groups including the Public and private sector employees, university faculty members and staff, and postgraduate and Ph.D. students. The program is well equipped with modern labs and professional trainers. During the training program, participants enjoy the Chinese language and cultural classes, visit educational institutions to understand the modern Chinese education system, and factories to understand modern Chinese technology. After successful completion of the program, participants receive certificates.

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