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Admissions Services

Best Education Consultant For China

Team MalishaEdu assists students to choose the right field of study based on Major, University, Scholarships, Costs, and Location. We help them to prepare the required documents. After that, we help them to recheck the application materials based on University’s entry requirements. Once all the required documents are ready, we apply to the University on behalf of the students and keep updating them with the latest application status.

After being admitted successfully by the University, we collect Admission Notice and the Visa Application for Study in China (Hereafter Jw201/JW202 form) from the University and send these documents to the students.

MalishaEdu is an expert consultancy firm that helps students explore a wide range of scholarships provided by the Chinese Government, Provincial Government, and Chinese Universities.

We assist foreign students to get full & partial Scholarships according to their requirements & past academic records for Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree), Graduate (Master’s Degree), Doctoral Degrees (Ph.D. programs), and short & long-term Chinese Language courses.

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